Consumers Drive Less and Drive Green Without a Hybrid
Remarkable Insurance Savings, up to 54%!
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Consumers Drive Less and Drive Green Without a Hybrid

Save Green and Drive Green with National General Insurance’s Low-Mileage Discount

Going green has proven to be more than just a trend; for many it is a permanent lifestyle change. The same can be said for the millions of Americans who don't own a hybrid, but are instead driving fewer miles as part of the effort to reduce CO2 vehicle emissions and stop global warming. Now auto insurance companies are rewarding drivers for doing their part to save the environment by offering those who drive less an opportunity to pay less on their auto insurance premiums.

Pay-As-You-Go insurance programs follow an auto insurance pricing model that rewards those who drive less with substantial insurance discounts. Pay-As-You-Go insurance also fosters a green lifestyle  by encouraging people to drive less, thus reducing their vehicle emissions.

One insurer that is helping drivers make an environmental impact is National General Insurance. National General Insurance offers a Pay-As-You-Go insurance program through their Low Mileage-Discount. Using state-of-the-art OnStar technology, the Low Mileage-Discount rewards those who drive less than 15,000 miles annually. Eligible active OnStar subscribers who enroll and drive even less can save up to 54 percent * on their auto insurance.  Hence, the less you drive, the more you save. Customers who drive more than 15,000 miles per year are not penalized by National General Insurance's Pay-As-You-Go insurance – all OnStar customers still receive an insurance discount* simply for having an active OnStar subscription, even if they are not eligible for the Low-Mileage Discount.

By enrolling in a Pay-As-You-Go insurance program, drivers are making a promise to contribute to the worldwide effort of lowering CO2 emissions and are saving money in the process. Insurers are doing their part as well, allowing drivers who go green to save green.

* Savings may vary by state

Did You Know?

The National General Insurance Low-Mileage Discount uses state-of-the-art OnStar® technology to help drivers save up to 54 percent on their auto insurance.   Learn More

Nearly two-thirds of Californian households would receive an insurance discount under pay-as-you-drive insurance with an average savings of $276 per vehicle per year.
-Environmental Defense Fund  Learn More

OnStar® customers can save big on their auto insurance when they enroll in the Low-Mileage Discount.   Learn More


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