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Pay-As-You-Go Insurance is Good For Everyone

Pay-As-You-Go insurance is an auto industry-pricing model that rewards drivers with insurance discounts based on the number of miles driven. The concept of Pay-As-You-Go insurance programs is based on the simple notion that those who drive less, pay less.

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How Does Pay-As-You-Go Insurance Really Work?

Interested in enrolling in a Pay-As-You-Go insurance program? Not sure what it is? Pay-As-You-Go insurance is based on the simple concept that those who drive less, pay less. Much like other Pay-As-You-Go programs (such as cell phones where consumers pay by the minute), these auto insurance programs let drivers pay by the mile in the form of insurance discounts.

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National Survey Reveals Pay-As-You-Go Insurance Sits Pretty with Financial-Minded Drivers

As financial problems and the turbulent nature of the economy sit at the forefront of peoples' minds, many are looking to cut back on any dollar-devouring superfluities - inflated auto insurance premiums among them. A national survey by National General Insurance explored respondents' planned driving habits for the following year, and found that 30 percent of drivers surveyed planned to drive less. This finding coincides with a national trend as noted by the Federal Highway Administration, citing that within the past 13 months, Americans have traveled 112 billion fewer miles.

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National Driving Survey Indicates Americans Plan to Drive Less in 2009

Planning to drive less? According to a national driving survey by National General Insurance, approximately 30 percent of participants reported they plan on driving less in the following 12 months.

The survey, which polled over 5,000 licensed Americans, only further confirms what industry experts have been predicting as part of the 2009 driving forecast: less is more. According to the Federal Highway Administration, within the past 13 months, Americans have traveled upward of 112 billion fewer miles.

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Did You Know?

Two out of three U.S. households would receive an average insurance discount of $270 per car if all motorists had pay-as-you-drive insurance. -Brookings Institute  Learn More

Go green by driving less. The Low-Mileage Discount rewards drivers for their eco-driving lifestyle with substantial auto insurance discounts.   Learn More

Initial research estimates that pay-as-you-drive insurance could reduce driving by five to 15 percent. A 10 percent reduction in driving is estimated to result in a 17 percent reduction in crashes. -Sightline Institute  Learn More


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