Pay-As-You-Go Insurance: What The Media Is Saying
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Pay-As-You-Go Insurance: What The Media Is Saying

Publications Support Pay-As-You-Go Insurance and the Low-Mileage Discount

Pay-As-You-Go insurance and National General Insurance's Low-Mileage Discount have received lots of news coverage because of the numerous benefits of the program. Mileage-based insurance discounts are quickly growing in popularity as they help drivers drive green and save green. See what the media has to say about Pay-As-You-Go insurance and the Low-Mileage Discount. takes a close look at Pay-As-You-Go insurance, addressing the benefits and consumer privacy concerns that come with a mileage based insurance discount. The article examines National General Insurance and Progressive as the leaders of Pay-As-You-Go insurance programs. Read more.

The Wall Street Journal investigates soaring transportation costs and how Pay-As-You-Go insurance programs offer drivers the opportunity to save money on their auto insurance premiums. Read more. reports that Americans drove 112 billion fewer miles between November 2007 and November 2008, and in response many drivers are interested in Pay-As-You-Go insurance programs and are looking for an insurance discount. Read more.

Minneapolis Star-Tribune columnist Kara McGuire wrote in 2008 how high gas prices have ultimately changed the driving lifestyle and Pay-As-You-Go insurance rewards those who drive less with a substantial insurance discount. Read more.

The Houston Chronicle analyzed the benefits of Pay-As-You-Go insurance programs and how drivers can become eligible to enroll for a mileage-based insurance discount. Read more.

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Nearly two-thirds of Californian households would receive an insurance discount under pay-as-you-drive insurance with an average savings of $276 per vehicle per year.
-Environmental Defense Fund  Learn More

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