Beyond Pay-As-You-Go Insurance: Saving Money on Transportation Costs
Remarkable Insurance Savings, up to 54%!
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Beyond Pay-As-You-Go Insurance: Saving Money on Transportation Costs

By now you know that a Pay-As-You-Go insurance program, such as National General Insurance's Low-Mileage Discount, is a great way to cut costs. In fact, eligible active OnStar subscribers could save up to 54 percent* on auto insurance with National General Insurance's Pay-As-You-Go insurance program, the Low-Mileage Discount. But an insurance discount is just the beginning on saving on transportation costs:

  1. Maintain your vehicle. Keeping up with your vehicle's maintenance, such as tuning your engine can significantly reduce the cost of future repairs. And if you do the maintenance yourself, like changing your oil, you can save even more.
  2. Clean out your car. If you remove excess clutter from your vehicle, you can increase your vehicle's miles per gallon by reducing its weight.
  3. Easy on the gas pedal. Easing off the gas pedal and avoiding jerky lane changes and quick starts can increase your vehicle's gas mileage and can save you up to $400 per year, according to Kiplinger's Personal Finance.
  4. Plan your trips. If you can consolidate all the errands you need to run into one trip you can significantly reduce the amount of time spent on the road and the amount of gas you use.
  5. Join a Pay-As-You-Go insurance program. Consider joining a Pay-As-You-Go insurance program like the National General Insurance Low-Mileage Discount and receive a substantial insurance discount on your auto insurance premium.
  6. Check out insurance rates before you buy. Different models have different rates, so research different insurers and find out about special discounts, such as Pay-As-You-Go insurance and concierge-style services.
  7. Wash your own car. Having your car professionally washed can add up fast. By washing it yourself you can save as much as $30 a month.
  8. Cut your commute. Kiplinger's Personal Finance reports that telecommuting, taking public transportation or carpooling once a week saves up to $200 a year and can help you become eligible for a Pay-As-You-Go insurance program for additional savings.

Did You Know?

Two out of three U.S. households would receive an average insurance discount of $270 per car if all motorists had pay-as-you-drive insurance. -Brookings Institute  Learn More

Go green by driving less. The Low-Mileage Discount rewards drivers for their eco-driving lifestyle with substantial auto insurance discounts.   Learn More

Initial research estimates that pay-as-you-drive insurance could reduce driving by five to 15 percent. A 10 percent reduction in driving is estimated to result in a 17 percent reduction in crashes. -Sightline Institute  Learn More


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