Drive Green, Save Green
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Drive Green, Save Green

Pay-As-You-Go insurance, or a mileage-based ;insurance discount, adjusts auto insurance rates based on the number of miles driven, and encourages drivers to drive less to save more. By driving fewer miles, Pay-As-You-Go insurance helps consumers lower their vehicle emission levels (burning gasoline produces carbon dioxide), contributing to worldwide environmental efforts.

Here are some additional tips to drive green.

  1. Avoid sudden starts. Sudden acceleration burns more gasoline, releases more vehicle emissions, and costs you more money.
  2. Opt for rolling down windows. A vehicle's air-conditioning uses significant amounts of gasoline, so roll down windows to help save money and drive green.
  3. Maintain a steady speed. Again, sudden starts and stops burn a large amount of gasoline, so try to keep a steady speed.
  4. Buy a Fuel-Efficient Car. Better fuel efficiency means less waste of our natural resources. According to Kiplinger's Personal Finance, if you set your sights on a car that gets 30 miles per gallon, you could be saving approximately $550 per year.
  5. Carpool. By carpooling with co-workers, family, or friends, drivers can drive green. If they are also in a Pay-As-You-Go insurance program, they can receive an insurance discount for driving less.
  6. Maintain your vehicle. Drive green by checking your tire air pressure, changing your oil, and performing other routine vehicle maintenance that will help keep a car running smoothly.

For more tips to drive green, visit ecodriving USA at

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